Residential Sandblasting

Residential Sandblasting in Sacramento

VSR is a mobile sandblasting company that helps homeowners remove paint, smoke damage, grime, or other unwanted contaminants from wood, brick, stone, plaster, or concrete. We’re also a licensed contractor: #1022048.

Environmentally Safe Process

VSR uses an eco-friendly abrasive blasting process and blast media, meaning the environmental impact is negligible. We also clean up the abrasive material expediently and thoroughly so you aren’t left with a mess later.

Concrete Blasting Without Damage

Dry sandblasting concrete or brick can cause damage and cracking to the surface. VSR uses wet dustless blasting to safely clean paint from concrete, porches, brick, or stone without damaging the building material.

Stucco Removal

If you need to remove stucco from the exterior of your home, VSR can quickly and efficiently remove it using abrasive blasting.

Revitalizing Aging Wood

VSR can restore wood that is damaged from age, smoke, mold, or other factors by using a mild abrasive blasting technique.

Smoke Damage Remediation

This brick fireplace was badly damaged by smoke. VSR was able to use residential sandblasting to clean and restore the brick to it’s original vibrant state.

We Also Offer Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, sometimes known as power washing or soft washing, is a system for cleaning siding, rain gutters, concrete, brick, or other common home materials. Sacramento homeowners can learn more about our power washing services here.

VSR is also fully certified in lead abatement. We can plan and execute a complete removal of lead paint from your home or building.

Need a Licensed Mobile Sandblasting Contractor in Northern California?

VSR Valley Surface Revitalization is a mobile dustless sandblasting company, here to help you on your construction project in the Bay Area or Sacramento.

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