Architectural Sandblasting

Architectural Dustless Sandblasting

VSR Valley Surface Revitalization is a licensed contractor providing dustless sandblasting for architectural and construction projects. Architectural sandblasting can refer to a few applications such as exposing aggregate in concrete; restoring wood, brick, or stone to it’s original state through abrasive blasting; or stripping or preparing a surface using sandblasting, dustless blasting, or soda blasting.

Contractor License #1022048

VSR is a licensed contractor providing sandblasting services to Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Northern California.

Concrete Sandblasting

We use wet sandblasting to expose aggregate in concrete; remove paint or graffiti from asphalt or concrete; or clean sediment or calcium deposits from stone and brick.

Wood Restoration

We use a mild abrasive blasting technique to remove smoke damage, rot, or other blemishes from wood in commercial and residential projects.

Stucco Removal

Dustless sandblasting can be used to remove stucco, tex-cote, paint, or other coatings from walls.

Wet Sandblasting for Exposed Aggregate Finish

In this project for Urata & Sons Concrete, we were able to provide an exposed aggregate finish for this pour-in-place concrete wall. This was part of the California State University at Sacramento Campus Union Hall Expansion.

Architectural Wood Restoration Using Abrasive Blasting

In this project for Aspeotis Construction, Inc., the VSR contracting team restored these wood beams and trusses to their original state using mild abrasive blasting.

Brick and Wood Restoration Using Dustless Blasting

In this subcontracting project for B-Line Construction in Sacramento, we used architectural sandblasting to restore a brick fireplace to it’s original state. The brick had smoke damage, but using dustless sandblasting, we made the brick look good as new.

Removing Fire and Smoke Damage Using Wet Blasting

This Northern California Kelly-Moore Paints building was severely affected by smoke and fire damage. Our wet sandblasting contracting team was able to remove all the smoke damage from the cinder block and brick walls.

Architectural Surface Preparation and Sandblasting

VSR Valley Surface Revitalization uses environmentally-friendly dustless sandblasting to remove coatings or residue from a variety of surfaces, including wood, concrete, brick, stone, steel, iron, aluminum, brass, and fiberglass.

Our mobile dustless sandblasting team comes to your location. We use eco-friendly abrasives, and specialize in complex projects where site containment is a priority.

Need a Licensed Mobile Sandblasting Contractor in Northern California?

VSR Valley Surface Revitalization is a mobile dustless sandblasting company, here to help you on your construction project in the Bay Area or Sacramento.

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