Automotive Sandblasting

Mobile Automotive Sandblasting in Sacramento

VSR uses dustless sandblasting to safely strip paint from cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Because we use a wet abrasive blasting technique, there is no friction or warping from heat.

We can strip any coating.

Using our dustless sandblasting equipment, VSR can strip paint, powder coating, epoxy, chrome, rust, corrosion, and Bondo with ease.

No warping or flash rusting.

Our wet blasting technique means no heat friction, and no warping of the auto body. We also use a rust inhibitor in our dustless sandblasting, so you can add a primer coat without worrying about flash rust.

Our mobile unit comes to you.

Since VSR is a mobile abrasive blasting company, we can meet you at your garage or yard. No need to load the vehicle into a trailer and ship it to another facility, then wait for it to be delivered back to you.

We Come To Your Location

Our mobile sandblasting team comes to your shop, garage, or facility to sandblast your vehicle and prepare it for priming and coating. No more putting your car in a trailer and taking to a sandblasting shop.

Our Sacramento area sandblasting team will strip the coating from your vehicle, preparing the surface with the proper anchor pattern for a new coat of paint. If you need paint stripping for your auto restoration project, call VSR at (916) 877-5733.

Need a Licensed Mobile Sandblasting Contractor in Northern California?

VSR Valley Surface Revitalization is a mobile dustless sandblasting company, here to help you on your construction project in the Bay Area or Sacramento.

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